boknanloHello everyone!

My name is Bok Nan Lo. I founded Fine Wines Singapore in 2012. I am passionate about Bordeaux vintage wine and has extensive collection. You will find my earliest collection is as old as 1921!

Do you know my bordeaux wine collection started out as a hobby?  Over the years, I am fortunate to be able to turn my drinking hobby into a small business, sharing my passion local wide.

I emphasize greatly on provenance in all our wine sourcing and purchasing efforts. Being an expert drinker for more than a decade, provenance is like wearing a dignified badge on my bottle. I only say yes to quality and great provenance wine. Because that’s what I drink.

So it has to be the same for all my customers.

Rest assured we price our wines very reasonably because when we sell wine, it’s not just about doing a small business, it’s more about building a wonderful relationship with wine lovers out there who appreciate fine rare wines just like us.

In fact, I doubt you can find another wine merchants in Singapore that price so low as us that’s close to our costs.

Starting Fine Wines Singapore means sharing my wine passion with you and that means I only sell the best wines with excellent history. I especially handpicked these great selection of wine to ensure they are worthy of your time to drink and we don’t bring in any wines for the sake of selling them. I wouldn’t risk customers knocking on my doors if I don’t study my wine well!

My wines carry my name. I take absolutely pride in my cellar. Check out my extensive range of wine list here.

Drinking wine is my favorite lifestyle. After hitting on many blind tasting sessions with my drinking friends, I can safely point out the brand of wine even I was blind folded. I also drink with a lot of wine connoisseurs to name a few, occasionally with Master of Wines like Lisa Perroti and Annette Scarfe.

Did you know I blog about my “drinking career” ? In my articles, you will read many interesting stories like my memorable Grand Tasting of 1982 invited by Christies’ (during my birthday!), wine tasting events to my blind tasting competition that involves betting (guess if I win?). You can read them all here

I have very good relationship with my chateaus manager to ensure great provenance. Do take note, good wines don’t come by easy. Some wines may not be available once it’s sold out. We do replenish whenever we can while ensuring it arrives in best condition. Do grab your favorite bottle fast! Stay informed through newsletter when we have new wines arrival or special promotion for VIP customers. Sign up here

Are you interested to read my wine review and rating in Vivino? What is worth buying and what’s not?

If you need a wine recommendation, my team and I are happy to assist. Simply email us at or give us a chat at 6385 2438!


As the old saying goes, “there is no great old wine, only a great bottle”.


Cheers to life!

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