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This domaine that was borne out of Colin Deleger when brothers Philippe and Bruno Colin decided to go their own ways in 2004. The core of the 11.5 hectare Philippe Colin estate lies in their holdings of Chassagne 1er Cru on Puligny side of the village, with some excellent St Aubin thrown into the mix for good measure. The style here is one of firm cores, and taut minerality with a layer of succulent surrounding fruit. Just a little bit of lees stirring is undertaken during elevage, oak influence is slight, and since 2011 bottling is done under a small wax plug and a capsule – belt and braces protection against oxidation. An excellent Chassagne Domaine that produces fine, seamless, moreish white burgundies. They boast great character but always suggest rather than insist.

Treading the line between tradition and modernity from his shiny winery on the outskirts of Chassagne Montrachet bordering Puligny, Philippe Colin produces outstanding wine on his eleven and a half hectares. A quiet and thoughtful man, whose qualities are reflected in his elegant wines, the emphasis here is on subtlety rather than power.

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Philippe Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Chaumees 1er Cru 2019 versus

Chassagne Montrachet Les Chenevottes 1er Cru 2019


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These two plots were on the northern side of Chassagne Montrachet, and they are being separated by a plot called Les Vergers. Chenevottes has some slight advantage as it lies right next to the top plot of Chassagne Montrachet Dent de Chien. I must confess, this time round the heads on clash may have resulted in a tie. Such outcome hardly happens, as normally I would be able to tell the difference and chose a winner, but for this pair, I just could not. Initially, the Chenevottes had an edge with its pure and transparent character along with very floral notes that won my heart, whereas Chaumees was slightly overwhelmed by the oak and butter taste that I hardly can detect the fruits. Over time, when the wine warmed up, that’s where they both converged to taste almost similar, and the similarity was the oak play; as the wines warmed up, the buttery taste become more prominent, and they tend to mask the wine fruits. This time round I was unable to tell the winner due to the prominent oak play. However, they both provided very good drinking pleasure despite the use of slightly too much oak in my humble opinion. It tasted more like a Puligny Montrachet rather than a Chassagne Montrachet.


Philippe Colin Chassagne Montrachet Les Vergers 1er Cru 2019 versus

Chassagne Montrachet La Maltrioe 1er Cru 2019


These are two interesting plots of premier cru from Chassagne Montrachet. La Maltroie is in the south-western corner of the village, right next to the buildings of Chassagne Montrachet itself. While Les Vergers is sandwiched between Les Chaumees and Le Chenevottes premier cru plots (I have earlier reported these 2 plots tasting notes). Bouquet of Les Vergers is interesting; with some lemon sherbet and orange zest aromas. Palate of Les Vergers has a lot of weight and deep penetrating flavor, obvious new oak in play, very harmonious. La Maltrioe is quite the opposite, relatively muted on the bouquet. The content initially tasted like a village level wine, but upon careful tasting, it has lively, engaging and great finesse, it may not have the weight of Les Vergers, but it presents itself with a really different approach to a good wine.


Philippe Colin Chassagne Montrachet 2019 versus

Philippe Colin Bourgogne 2019


The 2019 Bourgogne Blanc, from vines in Chassagne and Saint-Aubin, offers bright green apple and light tangerine aromas. The palate is well balanced with fine weight, maybe just missing a little tension on the finish but it lingers in the mouth nicely. Chassagne-Montrachet bottle is aged in 25% new wood, mostly in 450 and 500 litre barrels. It has a more penetrating length, as well as deeper flavor, compared to the Bourgogne. Frankly, the Chassagne-Montrachet version was just slightly a grade above the Bourgogne version. For bang of the buck, I’d recommend the Bourgogne.


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