The worldwide acclaimed and first of its type learning kit for wine lovers and professionals! The reference work by Jean Lenoir for training your sense of smell and enriching your wine tasting vocabulary to share your emotions and wine experiences. Created more than 30 years ago and permanently improved, that kit has become the bible of thousands of sommeliers, wine professionals and wine lovers around the world

The Duo kit contains:

    • 24 essential aromas found in red wines and white wines (including champagnes)
    • Three booklets are included. The first one deals with smell and taste. Two booklets on white wines and red wines show how in both the New and Old Worlds, the 24 key aromas reflect grape varieties and vineyards.
    • Illustrations and a variety of great wines from all over the world are given as examples.

Handmade in FranceOur aromas are guaranteed 5 years. They can last 10 years if kept in good conditions.

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