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Juyondai Sake Tatsuno Otoshigo Junmai Daiginjo Limited Edition
十四代 龍之落子 純米吟釀
9.5 stars
28 Dec 2022

This bottle is considered the higher end of Juyondai, and I totally concurred with the higher quality presented. Sake rice is made from a cross strain rice of Yamashu No. 4 and Miyamanishiki, fact is that the rice strain is proprietary and they only used it to produce Tatsuno Otoshigo Junmai Daiginjo, thus it’s difficult to reproduce the unique flavor in other Juyondai series. At 15% alc, it probably didn’t feel heavy in alcoholic content, to me, it’s a lighter version of Juyondai series. Bouquet of melon, slight green apple and orange, with slight sweetness. Content is really unique and different from other Juyondai styled sake, most noticeably is the sweetness, this Tatsuno Otoshigo is definitely the least sweet I have tasted, definitely to my liking, as I don’t like sake to be overly sweet, but most Juyondai’s sweetness is out of my tolerance level. Next, the finesse and balance are stunningly great, with great crispness, and the elegance of the layers of rice fragrance slowly revealed itself throughout the drinking session. I easily finished 2/3 of the 1.8L bottle all by myself and still feel sober, and no hangover thereafter, shows the purity of the sake is really good (if not, I will usually have a bad hangover the next day). Definitely a worthwhile drink.

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