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Juyondai Sake Bessen Hakutsuru Nishiki 十四代别选 白鹤锦
9.25 stars
21 Nov 2022

I’d be frank, there’s a huge range of sake being produced by Juyondai, and there’s really not much information coming from the brewery about the range of sake. We at Fine Wines try our best to taste them and narrate down what we have observed. This Hakutsuru Nishiki strain of rice is a sibling rice of Yamadanishiki, both of them are surprisingly similar in aroma, very fragrant rice driven. Rice polishing rate of 45%. I initially use a connoisseur level stemware to taste the sake, the key takeaway is the luxurious, flavourful, elegant and refined characters, extremely great quality. Once I changed to traditional Japanese sake glasses, these qualities disappeared, and replaced with a slightly rougher taste (all these appears to be the magic of connoisseur level stemware, driving wines/sakes to different part of the palate). This Hakatsuru Nishiki isn’t as sweet as other range of Juyondai, thus I’m happy to drink it as I always shy away from sake that’s too sweet

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