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Domaine Philippe Colin Santenay 1er Cru Les Gravieres 2018

9.0 stars
3 Nov 2022

This was the first time I tasted red wines produced by Philippe Colin. Santenay is not far from the Chassagne-Montrachet border. Wines were derived from 2 parcels, the vines from 1 parcel aged 25 years old and the other 45 years old. They are aged 12 months in French oak. Yearly production of around 3,000 bottles. Character wise for the wine, they’re like all the white burgundies produced by Philippe Colin, never too loud and fleshy, but rather subtle and submissive style. A very decent wine quality to start off, with ripe red fruits, strawberry and raspberry. Nothing obtrusive, neither is there a wow factor. This is suitable for casual dinner.

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